Design branding and packaging for a modern survival preparedness brand.


Wilder Sol is an early stage startup bringing their first product to market, a lightweight and simplified survival kit. It differs from competitors on the market which are bulky and unsightly. Wilder Sol needed branding and packaging design that would set them apart.

How might we express a brand reimagining personal security and preparedness for the next generation?

The initial product prototype brought to us was contained in a sealed bag. We encouraged the addition of an outer box to elevate the product when displayed in a storefront. The surface area of the box also gave us space to dial up the branding. A strong typeface and clear copy ensures the utility of the product can be easily understood.

Wilder Sol is a brand with practical authority for those who value peace of mind and beautiful design. Natural tones, soft gradients, and topographic line work provides a resuable presence across social media channels and marketing.

Before landing on the chosen design, we explored a variety of visuals to represent Wilder Sol including sky gradients, earth tones, topographic lines, and vibrant alerting neons.


Anne the founder of Wilder Sol led a successful launch and sold out her initial product inventory.

Throughout our work I experienced the value in guiding a client through the design process as an equal collaborator, which empowers trust that the process will unfold something wonderful.

Like many startups, budget was constrained and I was not able to work with the box manufacturers directly during printing. In the future I would limit scope elsewhere to ensure I am able to oversee the final execution.

“I am nothing short of thrilled with my experience of working with Caitlin on my product design. She brought a level of creativity and clarity to my branding that I sensed I needed, but had been unable to imagine or execute. She is professional, adaptive, attuned to market forces and skilled both technically and creatively. I could not have imagined a better outcome for my product design and highly recommend working with her.”

Anne McHale
Founder of Wilder Sol


Caitlin Sowers (Product Design)
Lee Giles (Product Design)