A website redesign to improve student outreach that could be applied to all student chapters across Canada.


The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is a union from more than 65 university and colleges across Canada. They requested a brand refresh and website redesign that they could apply to their various chapters across Canada.

My design partner laid out a playful and bold visual design direction before I joined the project. I continued to build off of his design direction for various pages, as well as mobile responsive designs.

Reusable components like cards allowed us to contain multiple content types that could easily be reused. With a strong use of geometric shapes, we looked to build in elements to draw attention to a point of imbalance, like full-bleed images and calls to action.

UI Kit

I put together a lightweight UI kit for both mobile and desktop, highlighting the reusability of our work across CFS chapters and to support developer implementation.


The client's expectations were exceeded and an "AMAZING WORK" was even sent our way. Designing across multiple pages with various content types allowed me to think and build with design systems in mind, executing on a lightweight UI kit and working with its constraints.


Caitlin Sowers (Product Design)
Lee Giles (Lead Product Design)