I help early stage startups with end to end product design and zero-to-one initiatives.
You can find me at Partner. Previously built products at Hagerty. Before that was the founding product designer at an early stage startup.

I am an experienced engineer and product designer

My freelance career has spanned early-stage startups, established companies, and non-profits. Most recently, I have joined a public company to help with their digital transformation, immersing myself in their industry, leading discovery, developing insights, collaborating cross-functionally, and designing impactful experiences.



My goal is to understand the problem spaces I work in deeply. I love to be involved early so I can help shape convictions, diving into internal and external research to identify how we can create value for both a business and its customers.


I rapidly turn research into design experiments for collaboration and user testing. Design fidelity evolves throughout the product lifecycle, with the end result being clear, beautiful, and useful development ready UI.


An initial launch is just the beginning. I'm enthusiastic about talking to users often, leading experiments, identifying high value opportunities, and shipping improvements.